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What I've learned as a chiropractor over the last 28 years" by Dr. Bridgett Urban

What I've learned as a chiropractor over the last 28 years" by Dr. Bridgett Urban

1. Compliance is key!

If I had a dollar for every patient that does not complete their recommended treatment plan, I'd be retired. Listen patients: it's not about trying to keep you to make more money from your insurance, not in my case anyway! There is a reason your chiropractor comes up with a treatment plan based on criteria like underlying diabetes, obesity and length you've had your condition, etc…Stay, It pays!

2. It is NOT a bone out of place!

I know ignorance is bliss but come on people: the vertebra rotate slightly up, down left and right. They house the spinal cord and protect it. The Vertebra did not jump severely left or light and need “put back in place." And if you’re a chiropractor using the lingo, please just don’t do it! Educate your patients.

3. Please stop! You don't need to hear the “pop”:

My goodness gracious - please stop telling me that I didn't do my job + get it in place because you didn't hear the pop. That's gas coming out like when you crack your knuckles. There are techniques we use that don't require the “pop” and are just as effective.

4. Once you go to a chiropractor, you’ll have to go forever:

Where does this urban legend come from? You go to the dentist (hopefully!) on a regular basis to make sure there are no cavities & food stuck in your teeth. Well visiting your chiropractor to make sure there no fixations of the spine that can lead to medical conditions is why. It’s called prevention!

5. Do your part!!!

Please do your part. Help me help you. Stretch if I give them to you, eat better if I suggest it. Sit taller or stand taller if I suggest it.

AND LASTLY, when it comes to doing your part there are certain products for certain conditions that you can get for home use. You should ask your own chiropractor (if I am not your chiropractor), or torpedoists, family doctor or nurse practitioner, etc.. before buying if you are not certain if the product is for you. So, you ask, “What products do you recommend?”

Dr. Bridgett a tried-and-true recommendations on products:

  1. A good couple of bands
  2. A hand full of stretches for your condition
  3. Over the counter pain relief product.

If you would like a specific list of products I'd buy just let me know!

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October 04, 2023
Dr. Bridgett Urban, DC
Dr. Urban

Most people are aware of chiropractic, but if you ask me as a chiropractor, I diagnosis and treat musculoskeletal conditions. For example, a patient with neck pain likely will receive ultrasound, electric stimulation, and spinal manipulation. If I feel you need additional services such as a massage, Physiotherapy, x-rays, MRI’s, etc. I can refer you directly for those as well. I treat many conditions such as back and neck pain, headaches, ribs ‘out’, pulled muscles, knee sprains, shoulder strains, etc.